The city of Elassona



Elassona is located in the prefecture of Larissa and is built amphitheatrical at the roots of several hills on the south side of Mount Olympus, which is the highest mountain at Greece and the domicile of the Gods of Ancient Greek Mythology

Elassona is crossed by Elassonitis river (or else Elassonitikos), which is merges with Titarisios river and flows to Pineios river, the largest river of Thessaly. Elassonitis divides the city in two parts, the old city, which is built at the roots of Olimbiotissa hill and it is called Varossi, and the new city which lies to the right bank of the river. The two parts of the city are connected with three bridges and an old arched bridge,which is a great place of interest.


faragi-enipeaThe rich history of Elassona and of the wider region, , which is lost in the depths of time, gives the possibility to the visitor to visit monuments of unique beauty and architecture. Furthermore the visitor has the opportunity to explore the mountain of the Ancient Greek Gods (Olympus), a mountain with proverbial beauty. He can visit various amazing caves, and can stay in one of the many shelters in the area. Moreover a visit to the canyon Enipea is required.

The visitor can enjoy his coffe or drink in one of the numerous coffe-bars and delicious appetizers or a meal in the taverns. The devotee should not miss to taste the famous tsipouro of Tsaritsani.

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