Places of Interest


Monastery of Panagia Olympiotissa

The Holy Monastery of impo-1 Panagia Olimpiotissa is considered as one of the largest monasteries of Thessaly and constitutes jewel for the city of Elassonas and the most important historical monument and sight of the province. The visitor of the monastery will havπe the chance to meet the history of the region from the ancient years up to the Byzantium. Also he will have the chance the chance to enjoy the magic view from the monastery due to its position (on the hill above the Elassonitis river, visible from each point of the city and the valley. Moreover, for lovers of hiking, there is a path through a beautiful arboraceous enviroment.


Olympus, the mount of Gods

olympusOlympus, the highest mountain of Greece and the Balkans, is a mountain nearly round shape, characterized by extensive ridges and steep slopes. It is the first area in Greece that was declared as a National Park, a great evidence of the rare beauty of the area. The morphological structure of Olympus offers many beautiful walks that excite not only the simple hikers and climbers but also the experienced one. The paths of Olympus is well preserved and most specifically marked for security reasons. Alongside the region of Mount Olympus are 5 shelters that provide housing and food services (upon request) for those who simply wish to visit or stay overnight at the mountain.


The Museum of the Battle of Sarantaporos

The Millitarymouseio-sarantaporou Museum of the Battle of Sarantaporos is located on the National Road Larisa- Kozani and the distance form Elassona is about 20 km, at the place where, during the First Balkan War, the namesake battle took place. You can visit the Museum daily ,while for any information you can communicate with 694 PAP/ 2ο Bureau, at the telephones 0030 24930 23590 and 0030 24930 94220


The Chatzigogos Hostelry


The historic Chatzigogos Hostelry is located on the 20th km of the National Road Elassona-Kozani, near the Millitary Museum of the Battle of Sarantaporos, while it has given its name to the surrounding area.ε.  The Chatzigogs Hostelry was the headquarters of Crown Prince Constantine at the battle of Greeks against the Turks (Battle of Sarantaporou) on 8 to October 10, 1912. After the local residents actions to the Greek General Army Staff a monument was built in honor of the fallen at the Battle.The small Building near the monument is a museum where arms, military uniforms, newspapers etc. from this battle are kept.

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